About Us - Handmade Felt and Tapestry Art

We belong to Georgia and Caucasus and working in Handmade Felt and Tapestry Art since many years. Georgia and Caucasus region in particular, given their geographical location, has long been considered one of the key hubs for agriculture and livestock .

This has consequently resulted in the unraveling of the herbal and animal origin of the nations living in the region and the manufacture of fabrics of various uses. Accordingly, ornamental motifs were refined and the basis was laid for the production of handmade products (carpet, rug, tapestry) typical for the region. We have to mention a felted wool products, which is a process of separating, tangling, and re-locking animal fibers. Felting begins through the agitation of the animal fibers.

We have been producing these products for over 25 years, using both our existing and our ornamental motifs. On request, these technologies can complement the paintings of famous artists or guide the sketches provided by the customer. Works are distinguished by their high artistic value. Our children are now successfully pursuing our business, which has developed, expanded and added new directions.

Now we have decided to move step forward and explore our rich culture to rest of the world with our brand new e-shop "Felt and Tapestry Art".

You may contact us directly at sales@feltandtapestry.com or visit our latest products at Felt and Tapestry Art . For more info about us, checkout our full history at here